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Club Information  

   In August of 1996, the CURRIER & IVES DINNERWARE COLLECTORS club was established to unite avid collectors of Royal China.

   Membership ranges from the beginning collector to members who have been collecting for up to forty-five years.  Two members have written books on CURRIER & IVES dinnerware and Royal China, while others travel extensively to locate "hard to find" pieces and discover new information about Royal China.

Membership entitles you to:

  • Share information and encourage learning about Royal China

  • Attend the Annual Convention

  • Annual membership directory

  • Subscription to newsletters

  • Membership card

  • Promote new friendships with fellow collectors

  • Encourage the preservation of Royal dinnerware

  • Establish a buy, sell, or trade network exclusively for members

The collectors hold a convention once a year at various locations across the country.  Events of the annual gathering include a business meeting, dinnerware displays, an auction, show and tell, buy/sell/trade, lunch and dinner, and, of course, lots of fun.  All members are encouraged to attend and bring items from their collection.  As the club grows, we hope to provide new activities and items with the club logo for the members.  The club will also inform the members of any new "finds" or information as it becomes available in a collectors newsletter that is sent out quarterly to all members.  The main focus of our club and members is to preserve and collect the history and all items manufactured by the Royal of Sebring, Ohio. We encourage everyone with an interest to join and participate.



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